Just Because

L.A. Diary
  1. We Begin
  2. On the Road
  3. We Arrive and I Discover That I Love L.A.
  4. Happy Catholic and the Strange Encounter
  5. The Best Deal in L.A.
  6. Meeting An Old Friend for the First Time
  7. Lettuce Love
  8. Seeing Stars
• Pure Enjoyment: Kaylee

• Five Years, 3302 Yards of Yarn, and Untold Hours Later ... I Present the Sampler Afghan!

• Roger Ebert's Review of a Documentary Rose Edited

• Inspirational and heartwarming: Thai Good Stories

• Funny Stuff: Car Problems (xkcd)

• Our church: Glad Tidings of Liturgical Beauty and Joy

Hannah's Silks Routine

• Ultimate Trust Test


From the contest that Hannah and Jenny invented that is kind of like a scavenger hunt.
  1. The Klutz
  2. The Queen Bee
  3. H2WHOAH!
  4. The Drossinator
  5. Hoborella
  6. The Scrabbler
  7. Backwards Man
  8. The Lincolnator
  9. Halfsies
  10. Ramen Girl
  11. The String
  12. Detective Lemon
  13. Hunky McDreamboat
  14. The Villains

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