Thursday, April 10, 2008

Superhero Highlight: The Klutz

Hannah and her friend Jenny conceived of a sort of scavenger hunt where each person was a superhero. They then made up each of the superheroes' back stories, set up the hunt each had to go on to defeat their archnemesis, and oversaw the evening. People were showing up in superhero costumes ... it sounds like a lot of fun.

I enjoyed each of the heroes' descriptions so much that I'm going to share them with you a day at a time.

The Klutz

Power: Ability to fall over A LOT

Back-story: The Klutz, despite being a rather successful movie star (and a gorgeous movie star at that), continued to be a very foolish dresser. She often (always, actually) went out wearing a mismatched pair of shoes. This proved problematic to her balance, as The Klutz frequently wore one pump with one flat, or some such ridiculous pairing. Her downfall came when one of her plainer-looking understudies was overcome with the green-eyed monster of jealousy. Realizing that she could not rely on her looks to get anything but a role as an evil old woman, this understudy wisely invested her time in the study of witchcraft. First, she picked up four copies of Harry Potter, but upon the realization that these were not instructional books, returned them for the more informative series: Lord of the Rings. After many a movie marathon, she found a book that actually told her how to cast many various spells, but she could not concentrate very well because she was so distraught over Dumbledore’s fate. So the only spell she could master was one that would cement The Klutz’s mismatched shoes to her feet FOREVER. However, the understudy’s evil scheme backfired when The Klutz’s newfound prowess at falling proved useful in the world of crime-fighting: she tripped many a criminal on the run and thwarted many an evil plot in such a manner. Yes, The Klutz leads a blessed life.

Cover: Mild-mannered movie star

Cover name: Mildred McEntire

Partners: H2Whoa, Ramen Girl

Introduction to partner: The Klutz was ready to relax after a hard day’s film shoot by dining out one fine evening, when she spied CRIME AFOOT. Two no-good-niks at the next table clearly intended to skip out on their check, leaving their bill FULLY UNPAID. Unable to turn a blind eye to the injustices around her, The Klutz quickly leapt up and immediately face-planted squarely in the would-be criminals’ path, foiling their reprehensible scheme. Unwittingly, The Klutz had also fallen in the path of a handsome young waiter searching for his erstwhile customers. H2Whoa!, as she learned he was called, was extremely grateful to The Klutz for preventing his cheapskate diners from running out the bill. H2Whoa! revealed that he had long been searching for a superhero partner with whom to protect the city, and The Klutz immediately agreed to form a crime-fighting duo with him, the likes which had never been seen. They have been fighting crime together ever since.

Archnemesis: Her understudy


Tomorrow's superhero highlight: The Queen Bee

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