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This fresh take on the prophets will introduce you to our biblical role models in a way you might find startling, challenging, and probably not to your grandmother's liking. In this book, you will meet:
  • Moses - eighty-year-old freedom fighter
  • Elijah - nuking the pagans
  • Deborah - kicking ass and taking names
  • Hosea - not family friendly
  • Samuel - the only hope in a desperate hour
  • Amos - sticking it to the man
  • Anna and Simeon - God's tag team
  • Jonah - mad as hell and running from God
  • And a dozen more
We’ve lost touch with what it meant to encounter a prophet, or to be one. Let’s take a fresh look at the familiar prophets in our Bible. Every single one has a message for us in our lives today, because that’s how God rolls. He’s a multi-tasker, and the Bible is one of his main tools in speaking to us. Those very same prophets aren’t just for everyone who came before. They’re for us, too. These ancient, Hebrew prophets can help bring us closer to God’s love and his purpose in our lives — right here, right now.
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Available March 31.

  • Mike AquilinaHere is Julie Davis at her best: reading stories and telling stories. She shows us where we fit in God’s grand scheme. Highly recommended.
  • Elizabeth Scalia: Davis’ wit and the casual accessibility of her language make this a galloping read that is both fun and intelligent. Spending time with the prophets was never so painless. 
  • Sarah Reinhard:  If you find yourself wondering why those OT guys are such a hot deal, this book is for you.
  • Lisa HendeyWith terrific storytelling and useable takeaways, this book helps us learn ever-current lessons from ancient prophets.
  • Tommy Tighe Finally, I have a way to approach and appreciate the prophets that is clear, accessible, and captivating!
  • Gary JansenJulie Davis’s latest book is an energetic, wise, and utterly delightful look at the Biblical prophets.

This book is for the beginner and for those beginning again — to bring us closer to Jesus, which is every Christian’s greatest desire.

Each page gently leads the reader to open up and encounter Christ in their own way — using scripture and inspirational quotes, reflection, brief commentary, and prayer.

Foster a daily habit of prayer and reflection that will continue long after you come to the end of this book.

More details, interview links, and an excerpt may be found here.

  • Will Duquette: I'm getting a copy for every member of my RCIA class.
  • Brandon VogtIf you want to be a happy Catholic, you need to encounter Jesus. And if you want to encounter Jesus, read this book.
  • Mike AquilinaThis book is a joyful pilgrimage to the Father, made with the most amazing companions. Highly recommended.
  • Jeff MillerJulie has a Chestertonian ability to see things afresh and to illustrate that freshness to you.
  • Elizabeth ScaliaIn our fast-paced world, we love the pithy phrase, but we’re forever sharing or re-tweeting and then moving on. In this book Julie Davis takes those phrases and helps us become closer to Christ Jesus.
  • Scott DanielsonFrom the very first page, where I was gently told to “listen”, my prayer life was improved. Is there anything more desirable? What a gift.
  • Sarah ReinhardJulie Davis has put together a gem that is more of an experience than a book.
  • Jennifer FitzAre you ready to hit the reset button on your practice of the faith? Here it is.
  • Katherine Lyle (Amazon):  It’s a beautiful read that will make you fall in love with Jesus all over again. I cannot recommend this book enough!
  • Gary JansenIf you’re seeking God or feel lost on your spiritual journey, this book is a compass to point you in the right direction.

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Julie Davis taps into quotes not only from Scripture and John Paul II but from The Simpsons and The Princess Bride, and doing so she discovers that all around her are glimpses of God.

Her reflections on pithy quotes such as the one by famed rocker, Alice Cooper ("Trashing your hotel room is easy, but being a Christian—that's rebellion") draw back the veil, letting you connect with God in unexpected ways. With unique and inventive perspective, Davis's reflections will help you:
reflect on:
  • the strange economy of suffering
  • live with gusto
  • see the big picture
  • explore the value of quirkiness
  • learn the truth about happy and unhappy families

More details and an excerpt may be found here.

Another excerpt:  Knitting Madonna

  • Mike Aquilina: "My wife is quoting you at me."
  • Jennifer Fitz: "It’s a textbook on critical thinking in disguise."
  • Sarah Reinhard: "Davis, as she does so often in her other pursuits, reminds us that faith and life cannot be separated."
  • The Curt Jester: "I simply loved this book."
  • The Anchoress: "A scrappy little volume ... seasoned with Julie's own sauce."
  • Mrs. Darwin: "It's pretty compulsively readable."
  • Kate Wicker"...even pop culture can't escape the wisdom of God."
  • Scott Danielson: "If I had this book back when I was feeling conflicted, I’d have realized that I was not alone. When Robin says to Batman, “Self control is sure tough, Batman,” I would have known that I’m not the only one that thought “Isn’t that interesting… my priest said that in a homily last week. It’s not supposed to be easy.”
  • Joseph R.:  The uniting thread is the underlying truth found in all of these: how God touches our lives in the most remarkable and most mundane ways.
  • Ironic Catholic:  I rejoiced!, because...she cut through all the dreck for me!
  • Danusha Goska: "Happy Catholic" is accessible, likable, friendly, no-fuss, in places, surprisingly challenging, even prickly, laugh-out-loud funny, and thought-provoking.