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Technical Mumbo Jumbo
*Happy Catholic® is a legally registered trademark as relates to blogging.
  • Links: I do my best to link appropriately. However, if I do link to something, please have the courtesy not to request special wording or other such picky things unless I just plain have something wrong. A link is a courtesy and to receive it as such will show equal graciousness on the part of the recipients. Thank you!
  • Featured Artists: art from current-day artists is featured by permission and should be considered as under copyright. Contact artists at the links under their work for permission. Likewise, if I have featured someone's work and inadvertently not gotten permission, please rest assured this is an oversight. Contact me and I'll take it down.
  • Review Books: Often I am provided with a complimentary copy of a book. I try to remember to mention it every time, but sometimes fail to do so. Believe me, as several authors and publishers have had cause to know, the free nature of these books never moves me to write anything other than what I would write if I plunked down the full purchase price (plus sales tax!) at a bookstore near me.
Where am I the rest of the time?
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We're your in-house marketing agency. Contact us to to bring your projects to life.

Forgotten Classics Let me read you a story on my podcast.

A Good Story is Hard to Find A Catholic podcast about popular books and movies. A podcast where Scott Danielson and I discuss books and movies we love as well as themes of belief, faith, and the "one reality" below the surface.

Meanwhile, Back in the Kitchen My cooking blog. Not as active as it could be, but every so often I'll drop a recipe over there.

SFFaudio I am an occasional guest on their podcast discussing the latest book in their "readalongs."

This Inspires Me
Jeremiah, Tell Me 'Bout the Fire 

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