Sunday, May 8, 2011

"My wife is quoting you at me." -- Mike Aquilina

The last couple of weeks have been very, very good for Happy Catholic (the book), so I thought that I'd pass along the love (yes, boring, but at least it is just every so often, right? right!). Links are in the subheads if you want to see more.
Mike Aquilina
Who was not only kind enough to write a blurb for the cover but was good enough to further review it on his blog ... and told me via email that "my wife is quoting you at me." It don't get much better than that, folks!
I read it in manuscript, but I like it even more now that it has a bright, sunny cover. I’d read it again if I could wrest it from my wife’s grip. I suppose I’ll have to buy a second copy. But that’s OK, because it’s an excellent book to keep on hand for passing out to inquirers or fallen-away or disaffected Catholics. Julie knows how to lead readers, at just the right pace, to see the Church’s human and divine aspects for what they are: human (long sigh) and divine (wow!). For me, she defines realism because her realism reminds me so much of my mom’s and my wife’s.
Terry Fenwick liked Mike's comments so much that he wound his own Amazon review around them. High praise on two levels, that!

Listmania: The Humorous Guide to Learning More About Your Faith
Jessica says of her list, "Because, let's be honest, being Catholic is awesome and we have a great sense of humor as Catholics. If you want to know more about the Catholic faith in an entertaining way (but also in a totally faithful way), pick up one or more of these books." And I am completely gratified to be on a list with all three of John Zmirak's "Bad Catholic" books (which I love). All of the books on there are good, to be honest, so that makes me even prouder! Thank you Jessica!

... engages both contemporary and time-honored culture - Joseph R.
I know Joseph's Zombie Parent's Guide blog and so it makes his review even better for me. He posted at both Amazon and Goodreads so, for variety, I put the Goodreads link.
What I really love about the book is how it engages both contemporary and time-honored culture. Quotes range from the recent Battlestar Galactica TV show and The Onion to St. Augustine and Lao-tzu. The uniting thread is the underlying truth found in all of these: how God touches our lives in the most remarkable and most mundane ways.
You want a friend around like this! - Tom N.
Tom N. pointed out that Barnes and Noble has some Happy Catholic reviews as well, one of which is his.
Read a page or two (It's set up much like a blog - only on paper) and think about it. This book helps keep your mind in the beauty of Catholicism with all the wonders and diversity. Happy Catholic is written by a Catholic who loves to practice her faith.
For those who had inquired, I discovered that there will not be a Nook version of the book available.

Thanks to these and others who have been so generous in reviewing Happy Catholic and making their views public! Keep 'em coming!

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