Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Catholic and Real Life Radio 1380

I simply can't believe that I didn't post about being on Real Life Radio 1380 with Leo Brown until afterward!

Yes, that is just how busy I got at work. Dashed out the door and felt lucky to get home and get the dogs quieted down and catch my breath before they called.

Leo Brown is a wonderful interviewer and makes you feel right at home from the first moment. I had a good time, especially as Leo let me go on and on and on ...

I thought that I was told they are connected with a Catholic bookstore although I don't see that mentioned on their website. A friend tells me that the Catholic bookstores in Kentucky, where this show is based, are the best she's ever been to. Does that mean the Catholics in Kentucky read more than in other places? Or go to Catholic bookstores more? It sure makes me want to go to Kentucky!

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  1. I was once a Kentucky Catholic (now I'm a Kansas one), and I would have to say that we read a lot and were encouraged to by peers and priests!