Sunday, April 3, 2011

First review in: "It’s a textbook on critical thinking in disguise."

Jennifer at Riparians at the Gate has a thoughtful review of Happy Catholic up. There is nothing like that simultaneous feeling of delight and dread upon seeing that one's book has been reviewed by someone that you like and respect.

I believe I will have to look through the book again because she saw more than I remember putting in there. Which, of course, is a good thing.

The point that made me proudest is the one she made about critical thinking ... Tom literally cheered when I read it to him, while I clapped. There is nothing I appreciate more than a logical, critical thinker so it is wonderful to be considered one. And it is one of the things that I love about the Catholic faith most of all. The logic found there is incredible once one begins looking into it.

If you are interested, please do go read it. I myself will be doing so several more times in the next few minutes, I can assure you!

Here's another bit I especially appreciated.
What I like most: Julie grapples with popular culture head-on.  Lots of quotes from popular books, TV shows, movies.  And she doesn’t always agree! Sometimes, there’s a quote that sounds good, the kind of thing that someone says at a dinner party and everyone’s nodding and agreeing with it, and you want to say something very uncharitable because really even though it sounds so wise, it’s just drivel.   Julie takes quotes like that and answers them directly:  What’s the underlying truth?  What’s the lie?  What’s a catholic to do with that sentiment?
Jennifer, thank you so much.

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