Friday, April 11, 2008

Superhero Highlight: Queen Bee

Continuing the stories of superheroes devised by Hannah and Jenny (more about that can be found here as well as the first description).

The Queen Bee

Power: Having bees follow her

Back-story: One morning, as the Queen Bee was walking to work, she decided to take the scenic route, as it was such a lovely day. Little did she suspect, however, that the field of wildflowers was no ordinary field of wildflowers. THIS field of wildflowers sat above an ancient INDIAN BURIAL GROUND! Naturally, the flowers it produced were extremely evil and magical. The unknowing bees fell victim to the flowers’ treachery, and upon harvesting the evil nectar, became EVIL THEMSELVES. Had the Queen Bee known this, she might have taken a different path, but as fate would have it, she walked through the wildflower field and was stung by a +2 queen bee! And as we all know, +2 queen bees transfer their life force to the recipient of their stings upon their deaths. Verily, The Queen Bee was endowed with the essence of queen beedom and was thereafter presumed by the bee colony to be their illustrious leader. Of course, The Queen Bee is not actually a bee and did not know how to communicate with her new unsolicited army of unholy minions. But despite the lack of communication between themselves and their supposed leader, the malevolent bees loyally followed their new master, awaiting instructions that they will not understand or receive.

Cover: Mild-mannered scrapbook store owner (and a gorgeous scrapbook store owner at that)

Cover name: Stephanie Snellson

Partner: Backwards Man

Introduction to partner: As a result of her new following, The Queen Bee was no longer able to traipse backwards, for fear of the dense cloud of wicked bees behind her. So when she saw Backwards Man involved in high-speed running of the backwards variety, her heart pounded, and she knew this must be her soul-mate. For weeks she observed him from afar and instructed her bees to follow him, which they did not do since they can’t understand her. Finally an opportunity to meet Backwards Man arose when, attempting in vain to walk forwards, he tripped. The Queen Bee gave him her hand to help him up, and her hand in marriage the very next day. The two have fought crime together as an unstoppable duo ever since.

Archnemesis: Karen Krousworth, a crotchety old scrapbooker who visited The Queen Bee’s establishment and was stung by a bee. They are now involved in a lengthy lawsuit.


Next up: H2WHOA!

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