Monday, April 14, 2008

Superhero Highlight: H2WHOA!

Continuing the stories of superheroes devised by Hannah and Jenny (more about that can be found here as well as the first description).

Power: Ability to make water taste bad, like seriously

Back-story: H2Whoa! spent his days waiting tables at a local delicatessen, and thoroughly enjoyed his work, with ONE exception. There was a rather rowdy crowd of ne’er-do-wells who frequented said establishment and ordered naught but water and complimentary bread sticks. H2Whoa! constantly searched for a means of retribution, but his efforts proved fruitless. But it turns out H2Whoa!’s parents were both superheroes, although his own powers had not yet surfaced. On the eve of his seventeenth birthday, however, when it seemed his powers would NEVER come, he picked up a glass of water, saw it start to bubble, but decided to drink it anyway. It tasted HORRIBLE, and he knew that he had a responsibility to use powers well. So H2Whoa! headed straight to the restaurant to exact revenge upon the crowd of cheapskates. It was 3am when he arrived, so he had to wait for several hours, but the payoff was sweet, or more like HORRIBLE TASTING! The no-good group of troublemakers were all served terrible water along with their still-delicious bread sticks. They left with the atrocious aftertaste of justice in their mouths, never to return. However, they also spread word around town of the sub-par service they received and the restaurant went out of business within the year. But it was so worth it. Now H2Whoa! uses his powers to poorly serve only the lowest of the low, the most dreadful of criminals.

Cover: Mild-mannered waiter (and a handsome waiter at that)

Cover name: Wilbur Walterson

Partner: The Klutz

Introduction to partner: While waiting tables one evening, he noticed with despair that some of this more rowdy patrons had left their tables, with no sign that they would return. They had been one of the rudest and demanding tables that H2Whoa! had ever served, and to now see them shirking their responsibilities as restaurant goers by sticking their server with the cost of their food was simply disheartening. “What has happened to the world today, is there nothing good and moral anymore?” he thought to himself. At that moment, he saw his rambunctious patrons fly through the air and lie squarely on the ground. H2Whoa wondered what had caused this fortuitous turn of events to find that the work was none other than that of The Klutz, the clumsiest and most ass-kickin’ superhero in the world (and a gorgeous superhero at that).She had stopped the “dine and ditch” attempt presented before her, and in doing so, helped H2Whoa immensely. In his gratitude and amazement, he proposed that the two join forces and fight crime together. The Klutz agreed, and they became a very powerful duo, until, of course, they added another hero to their team, this hero of course being Ramen Girl.

Archnemesis: H2No, his evil twin who makes water disappear


Next up: The Drossinator

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