Thursday, May 1, 2008

Superhero Highlight: Backwards Man

Continuing the stories of superheroes devised by Hannah and Jenny (more about that can be found here as well as the first description)

Backwards Man

Power: Ability to do anything backwards

Backstory: As a teenager, Backwards Man was quite the ladies’ man. He was always out on the town, looking for a good time. Backwards Man was rather reckless in his youth, and, more than once, was known to keep a lass out past curfew, sometimes by a whole fifteen minutes. One day, however, he trifled with the wrong ethnicity. Backwards Man became enamored with Gina Gerina, the daughter of local gypsy family, so he took her out on a date, which was the style at the time. Wild and irresponsible as ever, Backwards Man took no notice of the time until it was TOO LATE. They arrived back at her caravan at 9:13, a whole THIRTEEN MINUTES past curfew! The gypsies, notorious for their family loyalties and wrathful curses, bestowed one of their most feared curses upon him: he was fated to do all things BACKWARDS. Thus was Backwards Man created! Having been forcibly shown the error of his ways, Backwards Man decided to give up his life of foolishness and began to use his powers to help those less fortunate.

Cover: Mild-mannered racecar driver (and a handsome racecar driver at that)

Cover name: Roger Richardson

Partner: The Queen Bee

Introduction to partner: One day when Backwards Man was minding his own business, walking backwards in the park, he noticed an inordinate amount of bees in the vicinity. He chalked up this odd situation to the blooming of the wildflowers. Had he been more concerned with his surroundings, he may have actually tried looking around for a source of the bees and seen The Queen Bee watching him. Because Backwards Man is pretty dense, he did not actually notice that he was being followed for a large number of weeks. It seemed as though he would never figure out that The Queen Bee ever existed. One day, however, he decided foolishly to mix things up and actually try walking forwards. This proved impossible, and he fell immediately. The Queen Bee helped him onto his feet, and the rest is history. However, since it is not the history that is widely known, I’ll let you know that they got married and started fighting crime together.

Archnemesis: The police, since they do not appreciate people driving backwards.
Next superhero feature coming: The Lincolnator

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