Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Superhero Highlight: Some Villains

Who do these superheroes, devised by Hannah and Jenny (more about that can be found here as well as the first description) fight? Ask and you shall receive!

Super Villains

The Jeweler
Strengths: The Jeweler is made completely out of diamonds, so he is sharp, and strong, and can blind people because he is so shiny.

Weaknesses: Because diamonds are the hardest substance, nothing can cut him but a diamond saw; however, a diamond saw is why he lost his hand years ago. Also, being made of diamonds can slow a man down

Backstory: The Jeweler was not always the villainous ne'er-do-well that we see before us today, he used to be a decent, honest, hard working man. That is, however, until one spring the prices of diamonds skyrocketed, and many grooms had no choice but to resort to the unthinkable. They tracked down the Jeweler, cut off his hand for their own personal uses, and left him for dead. After he was nursed back to health by a gypsy, The Jeweler decided that he could not forgive society for how they turned on him and became the most dreaded villain in his fair town.

Ultimate plot: To rebuild his hand to be the master key for all nuclear missile launch sites

Peasant Man
Strengths: Peasant man has the power of controlling rats and lighting torches in an instant.

Weaknesses: He cannot bear the touch of soap, and has an overwhelming desire to cultivate the land

Backstory: Peasant Man lived his life in poverty, always under the jurisdiction of someone else. He spent his days farming and cooking and cleaning for the Lords and Ladies until he decided that he could take no more. He froze himself in some ice so that he could be awakened in a more progressive age, only to find that he reverts to his old habits of inciting revolutions and farming for others.

Ultimate plot: To overthrow the government

Static Shock
Strengths: Static Shock can cultivate static like none other. He is forever shocking people, in the most annoying of ways.

Weaknesses: Because his sole power comes from the static electricity around us, he does not enjoy hairspray, due to its static-effects. He also cannot be near daffodils for obvious reasons.

Backstory: Static Shock was somewhat of an outcast throughout school. People were always afraid to get near him because he was just always shocking everyone, and no one wants a friend that is constantly hurting them. So, alone he was, until a young lady decided to take pity on him and keep him company. Static Shock thought it was true love, Veronica thought it was free food. Static Shock took it hard when Veronica said she just was not that into him, and immediately resorted to a life of crime.

Ultimate plot: To ruin Veronica’s prom picture by making her hair super frizzy.

Strengths: Airhead has the power to breathe thrice concentrated helium, which comes in handy when she can escape something by flying off in her self-blown balloon

Weaknesses: Airhead can sometimes be that stereotype of girls that we all hate, in the sense that her weaknesses are cute boys and large words. She also is not a fan of fire.

Backstory: People always wondered why Airhead’s voice was so high, but it wasn’t until she was helping set up for a carnival that her true power was discovered. She was helping blow up balloons, but rather than sink to the ground like everyone else’s did, hers rose higher and higher to the top of the ceiling, as if they were filled with helium. This may have explained some things, but it still did not keep the other children from laughing at her silly voice. Due to her humiliation, she sunk into the world of evil to escape her woes, and is now a conniving villain feared by all.

Ultimate plot: To kidnap a fashion designer by suspending her limo with weather balloons and make her design clothes for her.

Sonic Boom
Strength: Sonic Boom has the power to amplify speakers

Weaknesses: She cannot handle listening to easy listening, elevator muzak or NPR

Backstory: In her youth, Sonic Boom was a rebellious rabble rouser. She loved protests and awareness functions and the like. However, a lot of other people also enjoyed these things, and were a bit more assertive than she was, so she missed a lot of opportunities. Then one day, getting ready for a rally, the speaker she was messing with exploded, sending waves of electricity surging through her body. From that moment on, she had the power to amplify speakers to dangerous volumes if she so chose. So she realized that with her power, she would become the most influential mind in the protesting world.

Ultimate plot: To destroy free speech

The Bedtime Bandit
Strength: When the sun is down, The Bedtime Bandit has the power to alter what is written in a book.

Weaknesses: Whatever he changes, changes back to the original version at dawn, so it is all very short term. Also, he is allergic to paper, so he cannot actually touch the books.

Backstory: As a lad, his mother never read him stories at night. Instead, she had his older brother do the job; however, the older brother was mean and would read scary stories to The Bedtime Bandit. Fortunately, his older brother was not creative, so when a fairy godmother bestowed the power to change the written word upon The Bedtime Bandit, the brother would have to read whatever The Bedtime Bandit changed the text to, because he could not think of anything on his own. But now, the brother would read a nice story, then be quite a bully to his younger brother, leading him to a life of crime.

Ultimate plot: To brainwash children by rewriting their books

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