Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Superhero Highlight: Hunky McDreamboat

Continuing the stories of superheroes devised by Hannah and Jenny (more about that can be found here as well as the first description)

Hunky McDreamboat

Power: Superhuman suaveness, the ability to literally charm a person off their feet

Backstory: Once mean, course, and unrefined, he met a young lady (a gorgeous young lady at that) who loved to read and lived in a small, provincial town. Unable to win her with his beastly ways, his talking candlestick and dresser referred him to charm school. As an educated man, he quickly mastereHunkyd the art of charm, got his masters, with a minor in urbane, witty conversation, and went on to receive a PhD in debonairity. Upon his graduation, he began to abuse his powers, charming salesladies in to giving him several free samples . . . of EVERYTHING! However, one day he chanced upon his true love again, only this time she was squarely in harm’s way, being held up by a dastardly vixen. Hunky McDreamboat came to the rescue, using his charm to disarm the vamp. Ever since that day, Hunky McDreamboat has used his powers for good. Also, he totally got the girl.

Cover: Mild-mannered male model (and a handsome male model at that)

Cover name: Max Maxwell

Introduction to partner: One day, Hunky McDreamboat awoke in a panic to the sound of the garbage truck driving away. Realizing he had forgotten to put out the garbage the night before, he jumped out of bed, with immaculate hair and no morning breath of which to speak. He grabbed the garbage can with his meticulously manicured hands and dashed handsomely out the door. He ran after the truck, sweat glistening on his forehead and well-toned bare chest, causing much female commotion, and many a swoon, from the houses along the alley. As Hunky McDreamboat was (and still is) in fabulous shape, he quickly overtook the garbage truck. The garbageman (and a handsome garbageman at that), none other than . . . The Drossinator, saw Hunky McDreamboat’s struggle and effortlessly lifted the garbage can into the truck with his mind. After discovering each other’s powers, and in the interest of avoiding another similar situation, they formed an alliance of righteousness, and have been fighting crime together ever since.

Archnemesis: Fabio


Next up: some super villains!

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