Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Superhero Highlight: The String

Continuing the stories of superheroes devised by Hannah and Jenny (more about that can be found here as well as the first description)

The String
Power: super-speed flossing, even on people unaware.

Backstory: The String, a gifted student of dentistry, was often distraught at the thought of how quickly plaque builds up between people’s teeth. His numerous campaigns to raise awareness of this epidemic went unnoticed by the public and left him with only one option: to break into people’s homes at night and floss their teeth for them. After his first forays into the world of forced, and rather illegal, dentistry ended in a short stint in prison, the String devised a plan: he would hone his flossing skills so as to floss unbelievably quickly. He made many a mannequin, trained day and night, but to no avail. In his despair, he decided to end it all and jumped into the town lake, Lake Toxin. Not unsurprisingly, he emerged unharmed and possessed the abilities he had dreamt of for so long. With his newfound powers, he now roams the city at night, making sure all townspeople have well-flossed teeth.

Cover: Mild-mannered dentist (and a handsome dentist at that)

Cover name: Dale Driftwood

Partner: The Candyman

Introduction to partner: On one of his many unsuccessful campaigns, The String was warning youngsters of the dangers of sugar at a local candy shoppe. Needless to say, the candy shoppe was being robbed (they sold Peeps, the most desirable of all sugary delights). As luck would have it, the most prominent hero of the day . . . The Candy Man (and a handsome Candy Man at that), appeared on the scene. He flung wave after wave of jellybeans and sour worms, which, as we all know, turn into explosives with one touch of his hand, at the formidable fiends. The candy shoppe, now in flames, was saved. The String and The Candy Man formed a partnership of unspeakable proportions and have fought for justice and oral hygiene ever since.

Archnemesis: Jeff Blankship, CEO of Nestle


Next superhero feature coming: Detective Lemon

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