Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Superhero Highlight: Hoborella

Continuing the stories of superheroes devised by Hannah and Jenny (more about that can be found here as well as the first description)


Power: Controls aluminum cans with her mind

Back-story: Once a promising young microbiology student at the local university, Hoborella was drawn to the glow of a nearby trash can fire like moths to the very same trash can fire. She quickly abandoned her plans for microbiological glory and decided to ride the rails across the country and live the glamorous hobo life. Unfortunately, jumping onto a moving train proved to be more difficult for Hoborella than it was on the silver screen. She seemed doomed to a life of bummery, however Bumerella sounds ridiculous, so she kept the name. Hoborella was no quitter though, she decided to give the rails another go. Climbing onto the top of a nearby rail-guard, she waited for the next passing train. As it approached, she leapt from her post and flew through the air, smacking directly into the side of the fourth car from the caboose, which as we all know is where the plutonium is kept. Hoborella ricocheted off the car and into a pile of aluminum cans that some littering fiends had left behind. Since then, Hoborella has been able to control the movement of aluminum cans with her mind. At first she used her newfound power to collect cans she could sell for food money, but after seeing some of her hobo brethren being pelted with cans by a group of young rascals, she realized her powers were put to better use as a guardian of the town.

Cover: Mild-mannered hobo (and a gorgeous hobo at that)

Cover name: Hilda Henderson

Partner: Detective Lemon

Introduction to partner: Hoborella, having found at last, a cozy dumpster for the night, laid her head down to rest on a soft pile of garbage, only to be awoken by the crashing sounds of a stranger falling into her bed. Hoborella quickly recognized her new bedmate as Penelope Pennyworth, the local private. What Hoborella did not know, was that Penelope Pennyworth was secretly Detective Lemon, famed protector of the town (and a gorgeous protector at that). When Penelope Pennyworth enlisted Hoborella in her search for clues by treating to her a delicious brunch (with a slice of cantaloupe at the end), Hoborella did more than simply give clues, but brought Penelope Pennyworth directly to the young ruffians that had been plaguing her city. Together they forever put an end to the can-throwing schemes of the deviants, thus protecting town and hobos alike. Henceforth, they were known as Detective Lemon and Hoborella, the most ass-kicking pair of dames around.

Archnemesis: The Drossinator -- because he continues to take her fireplace.
Next superhero feature coming: The Scrabbler.

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