Thursday, July 24, 2014

Well Said: "Fall into the public domain"

Pedantic point: I hate the term “fall into the public domain”. Things don’t “fall into” the public domain, like carelessly-held cellphones into a pool. They are released from the shackles of copyright, set free from their state-mandated bondage. They soar among the public imagination. The public domain is the natural home of all ideas and concepts, it is their ancestral homeland to which they return triumphant from exile.
Yep. Don't get me started. Basic copyright is reasonable but the extent it has been extended to, especially for older materials, is completely frustrating to anyone who podcasts. As I do.

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  1. I once heard that it's Disney spearheading the copyright mess since they'll be the ones to lose a lot if they don't. Personally, I agree with you guys on this.