Friday, July 25, 2014

When the Game Stands Tall - immediate thoughts

Saw the screening last night.

I came for Jim Caviezel. And the football (always the football).

I was surprised by how good this movie is. And that it is layered giving us more than one look at the central question in which football is a means to an end.

The trailer doesn't really give an idea of how this movie does NOT hit every point with a hammer, but for me it was head and shoulders above The Blind Side or Remember the Titans. And it even gives Friday Night Lights a run for its money. Not in technical know how, but in heart.

Review to come soon.

If you get a chance for an early screening don't wait for me. Go see it.

Opening August 22.


  1. Yes! The spirit of the preview says it all. Focus on the outcome - the good things you want to see in life. For The Greater Glory of God.

  2. Dear Anon,

    Exactly. Tacking on a few perfunctory Jesus-is-our-Head-Coach prayers does not redeem what humans have made the once-noble sport of football.

    1. Mack, I'm confused by your "no" and then by your agreement with Anon who liked the preview. It's one thing when you don't want to see a football movie and I suppose you could absolutely hate every movie recommendation I've ever given. I am not allowed to give a fuller review until Aug. 22 but this movie fulfills my criteria as voiced by Scott Nehring.

      To be blunt, if a film purports to be a “Christian film” it supposedly is done for the glory of God. You don’t glorify God by making lousy movies.

      We need great movies.
      This is no Inception. But it is head and shoulders above other sports movies and we found ourselves referring to it several times as we helped with our parish's marriage retreat.