Monday, November 4, 2019

Welcome Jeeves!

We didn't mean to get a puppy so soon after Wash died, but keeping an eye on Craig's List for Boxer puppies led us to this sweet little guy. Though "little" is a relative term. He was the biggest in the litter and weighed 15 pounds at 10 weeks old.

He's Jeeves because we never had a Boxer who didn't take an active interest in the mail, the housework, the social activities, and all the things that a good butler has to manage to keep everyone's lives on an even keel. What has surprised us is how few people (at the vet, for instance) have heard of the Jeeves name before. Oh civilization, what cost progress when we leave behind the gentle P.G. Wodehouse references?

Usually I never worry about bringing a puppy home to another dog. The adult understands that a puppy gets special license. But Kaylee is very dog aggressive. Wash is the only dog she was ever friends with so we weren't sure if her mothering instincts would kick in automatically.

We spent a week with them alternating crates to get to know each other, a day with them on leashes around the house ... and then Kaylee took things into her own hands, racing up and down in play mode. Off came the leashes and no one has looked back. Jeeves is delighted. He's hero worshipped Kaylee since he set eyes on her, plastering himself to her crate and whining.

Kaylee spent a day being very dominant (as is right and proper) and then settled down to enjoying playing and correcting when Jeeves forgets his place (which is fairly often - you know how fun it is to jump on someone's head - how do you just not do that?).

Now we're all settling down to the job of keeping socks and shoes off the floor, endless pull toy playing, and lots of fun as this little guy explores the big world. And at the end of the day ... we're all ready for a good rest.