Friday, December 3, 2010

What's Goin' On: The Foundling and Other Dog-ish Things

Having a kind-hearted daughter working at a vet clinic ... one who takes in Hard Luck Hounds for adoption ... can make for interesting household members sometimes.

You may recall that first it was Zapp, who Hannah adopted. He had never been around people but was generally unafraid. However, he'd obviously had bad experiences with other dogs as he would try to tear the faces off of any dogs he encountered. Luckily Zoe and Wash (our Boxers, for any of the uninitiated) were amazingly tolerant of this behavior.

Now, we have Garrett staying with us. He is not going to be adopted by anyone here but was in such obvious need of socialization that Hannah brought him home to give him a chance to be able to make it in the household that does eventually adopt him.

He is a mix, but the clearly dominant breed looks similar to American Staffordshire Terrier. He's a very gentle dog who knows his place in the pack (at the bottom). He loves Hannah but is extremely cautious with anyone else. Extremely.

He's also obviously super smart. He taught himself to use the dog door in one day. One. Day.

He's looking for a real home someday, with a patient owner who will receive lots and lots of love once he lets himself trust them.

Here is Garrett, standing next to Wash who is practicing his majestic stance.

All dog or part mountain goat?
Garrett loves the wall, to the point of sitting or lying on it whenever he's "on patrol."

Can't you feel the love?
Only Hannah gets those melting looks.
It's pretty clear that Garrett was abused before he was rescued. He's really shy around anyone else. Even nice ladies holding out pieces of cheese or turkey. (I don't take it personally though. Usually.)

I just love those ears that stand straight up, except at the tips.
He's still rather underweight but is a really handsome fellow, which might be kind of hard to see here.

The Other Pack Members

 Zapp Brannigan.
Yes, we're really all about pop culture around here.
He's Hannah's baby. A foundling when he entered our household, he was completely unsocialized. Now he loves everyone and that includes Wash and Zoe. He's part of the pack.

 Here is the "pack" in a favorite activity.
What? You've never played tug-o-war with a stick?
It's super-fun, y'all. As you can see.

Here we see Zapp in guerrilla warfare mode.
The wire is Tom's attempt to keep the dogs out of the mud and to give the grass a chance to fill in where it was destroyed by double Boxer playing tactics.

We'd have had a few more Boxer photos but Hannah took all of these. So we are grateful for what we receive. 

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