Thursday, May 19, 2022

A Thoughtful, Well Written Piece on the Word on Fire Controversy

 Darwin Catholic is always worth reading and never more than in this piece where he looks at what happened with WOF and how it would have been handled in the secular workplaces he's worked for. I'd only heard a little about this and it seemed to be an employee's personal life problem rather than a workplace problem. Which is something that Darwin points out. However, he looks at this from a lot of angles and it is well considered. Here's a bit and then you can go read the whole thing.

The second thing that struck me is that everyone involved seems to have an implicit belief that Catholic organizations should insist on hiring and maintaining only employees who hit some specific standard of personal moral behavior.

It's interesting that this is the substance of an attack on WOF which is generally coming from the left. After all, we're used to a certain sort of Catholic organization controversy where an institution fires an employee for failing to live up to Catholic sexual teachings and more progressive Catholics object that this is unmerciful.

Perhaps what confuses the situation in this case is that the discussion of Gloor's dismissal is being framed as if it were an accusation of either workplace sexual misconduct or clerical sexual abuse. However, the alleged misconduct apparently did not occur in the workplace or with a co-worker, and Gloor is most certainly not a cleric.

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