Monday, May 16, 2022

A Name Both Revealed and Refused

In revealing his mysterious name, YHWH ("I AM HE Who Is, "I AM WHO AM" or "I AM WHO I AM"), God says who he is and by what name he is to be called. This divine name is mysterous just as God is mystery. It is at once a name revealed and something like the refusal of a name and hence it better expresses God as what he is — infineitely above everything that we can understand or say: he is the "hidden God," his name is ineffable, and he is the God who makes himself close to men.
CCC 206, Catechism of the Catholic Church
This is both illuminating and mind blowing to consider. I've been reading a section of the Catechism every day during my afternoon prayer and it's chock full of good lectio divina material.

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