Friday, December 4, 2020

Christmas Podcasts

We haven't put up our tree early like some have this year in order to cheer themselves up from the pandemic blues. However, I will admit that I began listening to Christmas podcasts halfway through November which I don't usually do until Thanksgiving.

Here are this year's favorites.

This is the first Christmas podcast I discovered. Lee Cameron hasn't updated it since 2018 but with 141 episodes you can go a long time before you run out. He gives great coverage of all sorts of topics, from Santa (of course) to a Medieval Christmas to Real vs. Artificial Trees. There is usually a song from an artist you might not have discovered. Website, iTunes.

It's the fascinating backstories to the Christmas traditions you cherish. Christmas Past brings you year-round Christmas history, forgotten Christmas fiction, roundtables, interviews, and most of all, Christmas cheer. And it's all from the uniquely warm and nostalgic world of Brian Earl — where the holiday season never ends!

I like Brian's laid back style. His very good 3-part history of Santa which kicked off the podcast let me know I was in good hands. He ranges from Eggnog to Christmas Advertising to NORAD Tracking Santa. Each episode ends with someone sharing a Christmas memory about the featured topic. Episodes usually range from 10 - 30 minutes. Website, iTunes.

Have you ever wondered about where our favourite holiday foods come from? What really is a figgy pudding, or how does a Roman Pope stop the world from enjoying German stollen? Join host and certified baker, Glen Warren, as he dives into the history of the foods which shape our holidays in Season's Eatings: The History of Your Favourite Christmas Foods.
This is right down my alley. Food and Christmas - it doesn't get much better than this. It's a  new podcast with episodes ranging from 10-20 minutes as Glen covers Sugar Plums, the Yule Log (my mom used to make this sometimes), Sweet Potatoes, and more. Website, iTunes

 My Merry Christmas has been celebrating Christmas since 1991 when faxed letters to Santa helped a young newly married man explain Santa to his new 5-year-old stepdaughter who was a skeptic. Since then it has surfed every technological development gaining Christmas fans around the globe, winding up with this podcast.  (It's a great story - read it here.)

The Merry Little Podcast is a 10-20 minute exploration of Christmas history, culture, tradition and entertainment. There's usually a song or two included. The host can be opinionated but that's part of what podcasting is all about, sez I. Website, iTunes

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