Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Christ and the Woman of Samaria

Christ and the Woman of Samaria, c. 1619-20
Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)
Tom and I took a day trip to Fort Worth last Saturday. We went to the Kimball Museum and the Amon Carter Museum. Both were free and it was lovely to be able to wander around on a long date, albeit with masks most of the time.

Standing face to face with this large painting, I was captured by the expressions. I'm familiar with the story but hadn't ever imagined it, hadn't thought at all about the mood of the conversation. Here we see the woman drinking in Christ's words with an open, intelligent expression. She's captivated. Her face is in the dark but the light is creeping over it slowly as she begins to understand. Christ has a thoughtful, tender look and you feel his gentle sincerity. Of course, his face is in the light.

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