Tuesday, June 23, 2020

"Sometimes you put off a book review because you are nervous that you will not do it justice."

That's how Jeff Miller (a.k.a. The Curt Jester in Catholic blogging) begins his review of Thus Sayeth the Lord. I couldn't be more complimented by that sentiment.

I have respected Jeff for so long for his discernment, sense of humor, and love of the faith. For him to give a glowing review such as the one he left on his blog, Amazon and Good Reads means so much to me.

He also touched on something that hasn't been brought up by anyone else.
There is a whimsical aspect to this book that both pulls you in and surprises you. From the typefaces used to the folksy way that Julie naturally communicates you might think that these are just quick summarizations. Easy to digest, but not really serious scholarship and insight. The easy to digest part is correct until you get hit upside-the-head with a flash of insight and you wonder “Why didn’t I notice this before?” Then you start to notice the serious study invested to be able to pass on the work of scriptural scholars.
I myself almost had forgotten the amount of research and study I did into the prophets before I wrote about each one. Thank you Jeff for noticing and reminding me!

Go read the whole review to see what else he points out.

And then get your very own copy!

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