Friday, June 26, 2020

George Floyd, the Catholic Response, and Where It Leaves Us

I received an email from a long-time reader who said that the recent news about George Floyd has been blasting from most news sources almost nonstop but he is greatly disappointed with the lack of Catholic response to the murder. And specifically from Happy Catholic.

It is nice that my reader is under the misapprehension that this is a popular or well-known blog simply because I've been around since 2004. Actually, I am not used to anyone asking or caring what I think about news items. Broad news items are are not really my focus which is why I haven't brought up opinions about politics or COVID-19 tactics. Generally when I speak up about current events it is because of things that are specifically Catholic such as  outrage over how many people knew about Cardinal McCarrick's involvement in the sex scandals and said nothing. It may be minimal, but it is there.

George Floyd's terrible murder as well as that of others have preyed much upon my mind and have been the subject of many of my prayers (specifically Sandra Bland whose death has haunted me ever since it happened). I also have been praying a lot for police officers, both for the good ones who do the right thing and for the bad ones to have their eyes and hearts opened.

My reader's pastor may have been lack-luster in his comments, but Catholic priests and bishops around the country have been vocal.

Here are a few key links that will lead you to further reading.
Catholic clergy is not just writing and talking. They are walking too. This inspired me.
Clergy in Minnesota, including the Archbishop Bernard Hebda of St. Paul and Minneapolis, participated in a silent walking protest June 2 to pray at the location where George Floyd died in police custody. Archbishop Hebda offered a Mass for the soul of George Floyd and for his family May 27.
So where does this leave us?

If you are dissatisfied with a lack of comment or direction or action — then you are the one who has noticed. You are the one God has given this job to.

Meet with your pastor about what your parish can do. Don't ask what are the bishops doing. There are 264 of them in this country. There are millions of lay Catholics. What are each of us doing?

Simply by raising the point you are giving your pastor information — that people want more. Working together with our priests and bishops is when we make a difference as Catholics.

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  1. I pray daily that your measured, reasonable, generous advice is followed by more people. I fear for our future. 😟