Friday, February 7, 2020

Listen Up - The Episodic Table of Elements

The Episodic Table of Elements is a science-history podcast exploring the culture and chemistry behind every element on the periodic table. Explore wild tales of scientific adventure that stretch back to the beginning of time itself. We’re traveling the periodic table in order of increasing atomic number: Episode 1 is hydrogen, episode 2 is helium, and so on.
The episodes for this podcast range from 12 to 25 minutes each and that was almost a deal-breaker for me. 25 minutes about a scientific element? Booooring!

But not so. As it turns out these are wonderfully told stories that begin with an element and then follow it to surprising places. For example, the hydrogen episode looks at the development of balloonists, zeppelins, and ends up with the Hubble Telescope's first clear image of The Pillars of Creation. It ends with links to where you can do an experiment to get the element for yourself.

This is science in the way we all wish we could learn it, with engaging delivery and interesting stories.

The website is here. The iTunes link is here.

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