Thursday, February 13, 2020

Listen Up: Bix Banderson Vs. The Universe

The biggest, baddest, most-all consuming Cosmic Empire ever known is about to meet its match:

An eleven-year-old Earth Boy, on the run from summer camp.

Decoder Ring Theatre presents Bix Banderson Vs. The Universe, an intergalactic adventure par excellence.
I've enjoyed Decoder Ring Theatre for a long time, specifically for the noir-style adventures of Black Jack Justice and girl detective Trixie Dixon. Gregg Taylor writes and presents all-new audio adventures in the tradition of the classic programs of radio's Golden Age. They are full-length, full-cast tales of mystery and adventure.

Right now, I've been enjoying the adventures of Bix Banderson. Cleverly playing on a lot of the tropes we know from science fiction, Bix Banderson is both an adventure and comedy. It is really well done and perfect for both kids and adults.

Their website is here. And you can find them on iTunes or other podcast providers.

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