Friday, October 4, 2019

First Friday Fast - for the Church and Our Priests

Bread and Water by Duane Keiser
Dear friends, your pastors are full of faults and imperfections. But despising them is no thte way to build Church unity. Do not be afraid to demand of them the Catholic faith, the sacraments of divine life. ... If you think that your priests and bishops are not saints, then be one for them. Do penance, fast to make reparation for their defects and their cowardice. That is the only way that anyone can bear another's burden.
Cardinal Robert Sarah, The Day is Now Far Spent
Since soon after the reports about Cardinal McCarrick's heinous behavior came out, as well as the horrifying reports about how many highly placed Church officials overlooked his actions, I have been observing a fast on the first Friday of each month. I offer it up for purification and support of the Church and our priests.

I didn't mention it, thinking of Jesus' direction to not bring attention to one's own fasting and prayer. Cardinal Sarah's words gave me new resolve in what had become a somewhat perfunctory observance. It also made me think that I needed to go public, recommend the practice, and ask you to join in unity, observing what penance seems good to you. So join me!

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