Thursday, August 22, 2019

When he calls the stars, they answer "Here we are!"

But the one who knows all things knows her [Wisdom];
he has probed her by his knowledge—

He who established the earth for all time,
and filled it with four-footed animals,

Who sends out the lightning, and it goes,
calls it, and trembling it obeys him;

Before whom the stars at their posts
shine and rejoice.

When he calls them, they answer, “Here we are!”
shining with joy for their Maker.

Such is our God;
no other is to be compared to him:

He has uncovered the whole way of understanding,
and has given her to Jacob, his servant,
to Israel, his beloved.

Thus she has appeared on earth,
is at home with mortals.

Baruch 3:32-38
I always love it when scripture personalizes nature's response to God. It adds a new dimension to His creation and to how it speaks to us in a way deeper than words (Psalm 19). This one's for Hannah - Happy Birthday, nature lover!

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