Saturday, May 25, 2019

Around the House — Robins, Cowgirls, Cake, Tu Meri!


The baby robins have flown into the bushes where their parents were calling them, one per day. So all three are on their big adventure of learning to be grown-up robins. With no help from us! (Whew!) Nature — so great that way at knowing how to do stuff like raise their own kids. The parents will keep feeding them for a couple of weeks until they've gotten oriented.

I've got my fingers crossed that the parents will come back in a couple of weeks to lay some more eggs. It was so much fun to watch the whole thing and we miss them.


For our anniversary Tom planned a weekend away to our near neighbor, Fort Worth! It couldn't have been more fun. We began with lunch Saturday at the Bird Cafe where it was raining cats and dogs but I had the most perfect Cobb Salad I've ever tasted.

We hit the Cowgirl Museum which was fascinating. I loved the cowgirls' stories and the Wild West Show section. Those ladies were tough performers. I especially liked the woman whose career included 600 jumps with her horse from a tall platform into a water tank. I also loved the architectural features with details like door handles fashioned like horse heads with manes streaming to form the main push bar. Really nice touches.

The Usual made our favorite old-fashioned cocktails as well as dandy new-fangled ones of their own devising. (Did you know that Rose Liqueur tastes exactly like a rose smells? You get used to it.) This part of the evening was so much fun. It felt like a date from the days when we were newly in love.

Paco's was some of the best Mexican food I've ever had ... using recipes from the family's native Pachuca. We were the only ones there which didn't inspire confidence until the owner said that they do a big lunch and catering business and evenings are a work-in-progress. They're building a bar and I bet that brings in the evening customers. The music was coming from Mexican radio and was lively but, of course, in Spanish. Tom said how much he liked it and that you could tell what it was getting across even without knowing the language — and how comfortable he was with that now that ... wait for it ... we'd been watching so many Bollywood movies. And we were off and running in a really fun conversation about Indian movies and how much they had changed a lot of things for our worldview, family culture, etc. So just a really great evening overall.

The next morning after some of the best Corned Beef Hash I've ever had (Old Southern Pancake House), we zipped  over to St. Mary of the Assumption. What a gorgeous church — not on the outside where it is a basic brick building. But when you get inside there are floor to ceiling stained glass windows and lovely statues and stations. Built in 1924, it is a real treasure. It was a day for beauty because we followed it up with a leisurely walk through the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens (free!) and the Japanese Garden (not free, but worth it).

The one imperfection was Woodshed Smokehouse where we went for lunch. Poor service, brisket sandwiches where the meat was minced to a pulp, etc. Talk about over-hyped. But it was adequate to our needs which were getting lunch and heading home. So, that is not a bad percentage of perfection to disappointment!

It was a dream mini-vacation and a really wonderful time together ... a perfect celebration of our 35th anniversary.

A favorite since my childhood — Chocolate Mint Cake.
And I don't even have to make it myself!
Rose is doing the honors.

I've been looking forward to this for a while, partly because Hannah and Rose and my friend Patsy are going to come over and watch Bang Bang. Nothing says fun birthday like watching this bit of Bollywood cotton candy with girlfriends ... and, of course, Hrithik Roshan's charm doesn't hurt either.

My birthday dinner will be at The Grape, which I haven't been to for a few years. Why did we drop it from the rotation? Can't recall but I'm looking forward to seeing what the new owners have done.

Now, so that we can all have a good day, here's my favorite dance number (and everyone else's) from Bang Bang.

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