Thursday, December 20, 2018

UPDATED — Thank You! The Bayeux Tapestry by Lucien Musset

There was no card or other acknowledgment in the package containing this treasure. I was going over my list — yes, checking it twice against the many treasures I have stacked in my closet. And then I opened it and ... found something filling me with great delight!

Early in our marriage Tom and I went to France and one of the places he was determined to go was Bayeux. You know, so we could see the tapestry.

"The what?" I said, which is how Tom found out my utter lack of English/French historical knowledge.

We toured it just ahead of a pack of English schoolchildren on a field trip. As I read the captions and followed the story this wonderful piece of art told, I became a fan just like Tom. I've never forgotten that experience.

Naturally I was dying to read this book which "presents a full-colour reproduction of the entire Tapestry, with a detailed commentary alongside each episode, equipping the reader to follow the story blow by blow and this marvellous work of art step by step."

And now, thanks to some kind person, I can! It looks simply fantastic now that I've had a chance to briefly glance through it and I can't wait for tonight when I can settle in and begin. Thank you so much!

I read it quite leisurely and it was everything I hoped for and more. Highly recommended.

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