Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Mother Angelica's Answers, Not Promises

From the founder of EWTN Global Catholic Network comes this profoundly practical, humorous, and common-sense approach to answering life's most vexing questions.
I was never much interested in EWTN though I knew it did untold good. Likewise, I was never really drawn to Mother Angelica, the nun who founded EWTN. However, I happened to be surrounded by people who sang her praises in 2003 when I was a fairly new Catholic. So I read this book and found that  Mother Angelica's sturdy common sense grounded in faith was good for both instruction and inspiration.

Recently, after passing along a favorite quote from this book, I wondered if it would be good to recommend to new Catholics. It had been so long that I had only a hazy memory of the contents so I picked it up again. It turns out that it is good not only for new Catholics but for those who've practiced the faith for a while. It was good to read Mother Angelica's steady advice and instruction again, a way to ground myself anew in the basics.

Examples from her life and those of people asking for advice alternate to give us real life examples we can relate to. She never discounts the realities of living daily joys, sorrows, and struggles, but also reminds us of the less tangible realities of loving God and of our ultimate goal of getting to heaven. I found it a good reminder of all those realities, a help on my journey, and inspirational overall.

Recommended for everyone.
Suddenly the wave crashed at my feet. … When I looked up, I noticed that a tiny droplet of water had hit the top of my hand. It was so beautiful. It glistened like a diamond in the sun.

The droplet affected me so deeply with its beauty that I felt unworthy of it, and to my own surprise, as I stood there, I threw it back into the ocean.

My odd little peace was broken when I felt the Lord say to me, "Angelica?"

I said, "Yes, Lord?"

"Did you see the drop?"

I said, "Yes, Lord."

"That drop is like all of your sins, your weaknesses, your frailties and your imperfections. And the ocean is like My Mercy. If you looked for that drop, could yu find it?"

I said, "No, Lord."

"If you looked and looked, could you find it?"

I said, "No, Lord."

And then He said to me, ever so quietly. "So why do you keep looking?"

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  1. I read this book by Mother Angelica years ago (& now must search & rescue it from the depths of my bookshelves.) Her words are so refreshingly real and relevant to the challenges of daily living - plus her humor definitely adds a zing for getting the point! Thank you for this reminder. Blessings!!