Monday, June 26, 2017

National Catholic Register Review of Seeking Jesus in Everyday Life

A lovely review from Sarah Sarah Reinhard at National Catholic Register.

Among other things she says:
"This is about forming a friendship that will last through eternity," Davis writes. And that's exactly the foundation she's set for each reader of this volume.
Go read the rest at NCR and then stop by Amazon to pick up your own copy!


  1. Well, you're becoming famous. :)

    I went to Amazon but I see the book is not on Kindle yet. I'll order it when it comes to ebooks. I did look through your table of contents. Did you ever consider a chapter along the lines: Seeking Jesus through His Mother?

    1. Hi Manny!

      The book won't be offered as an e-book. The layout of this on the printed page is integral and my test readers (even the avid e-book users) agreed. Sorry!

      I do have some pages looking at Mary and Jesus. However, a whole section would have been too much for me.

    2. OK, then I'll have to pick up the paper copy. I didn't know that there was such a thing as "test readers."

    3. There's probably a better term than "test readers." :-)

      Every author has people they trust to give them straight feedback on their manuscripts. You give it to a lot of people for feedback and a few come through and care about the book ... in my case they are listed in front because their feedback made it a lot better. :-)