Friday, December 4, 2015

Well Said: Two Kinds of Problems

"Listen, there are only two kind of problems in life. [...] The first kind of problems are the ones life sends upon you to test you, to make you humble or make you long suffering, or whatever you may need.

"The second kind you make yourself. Most people, most of their lives, most of their problems, they simply invite into their lives, sweep out a guestroom for each pain, and give it free lodging and board.

"The first kind builds character. You cannot grow without this kind of problem, any more than you can build muscles without exercise.

"The second kind are invited by bad character, and the problems such a person has then cannot be put right until he puts himself right. It is not something a proud man can do, because proud men see no wrongness in themselves. [...]

"We must never fear problems of any kind. The suffering we bring on ourselves, we can ask to be taken away from us once we repent of it. The suffering sent to instruct us, we can ask for the strength to endure, and the humbleness to be instructed. ..."
John C. Wright, Somewhither

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