Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Worth a Thousand Words: Captain, Hussar Armor

Captain, Andrzej Wiktor
The characteristic half plate armour of the hussars
is shown on a regimental officer here.
He wears a delia coat and carries a horsemen’s hammer as a mark of office.
This is via Dappled Things, which you should definitely check out. Art, poetry, interesting articles — all Catholic.


  1. I miss Dappled Things. It is a great magazine. I accidentally let my subscription run out, and since I find it hard to find time for paper magazines these days I haven't renewed. I second Julie's note; you should check it out.

  2. To show the true Polish heritage, please look closely at the broach below his chin....it is the Black Madonna aka Our Lady of Czestochowa...a site of a miraculous victory over the Swedes when the Swedes were the most powerful army in Europe. It is a country seeped in catholicism ...even in today's secular world.