Monday, July 21, 2014

Worth a Thousand Words: Sympathy

Briton Riviere, Sympathy, c. 1878
via Arts Everyday Living
Since we featured a cat recently, it is only fair to give equal time to a dog. This is one of my favorite paintings featuring, as it does, a dog doing what they do best — empathizing with their loved ones.


  1. My copy of the painting above has the dog with a ghost-like appearance which made the picture so healing for me after I lost my dog of 15 years in 2014. The ghost-like appearance of the dog in the version I own made me feel that my Shelly was still with me, in another dimension, of course, but still with me. Do you know Riviere's original intent?

    1. I think he was just painting a sympathetic picture. If you look the artist up there are more animal paintings, which the public always responded well to.