Thursday, July 17, 2014

Well Said: A special kind of serenity

Complete trust in God, using whatever human means are necessary in each situation, gives an incomparable fortitude and a special kind of serenity to the Christian, whatever may happen to him and whatever the tribulations he may have to face up to.
Francis Fernandez, In Conversation With God, vol. 4
So there are two things to think about here, for me anyway.

First, how complete is my trust in God? Do I have that special kind of serenity?

Second, am I using whatever human means are necessary in each situation? I know people who will say they have complete trust in God and then laze around waiting for whatever they've been praying for to drop into their lap.

It takes a fine balance to encompass these two things well.


  1. I find it's pretty easy to diagnose the inputs by checking the output. If I've got the incomparable fortitude and serenity, invariably its because I've applied the trust + human means. If the F&S are missing, it's because I forgot one or both ingredients. True every time.

  2. Great quote! It really gives me comfort and peace about our current trials and decisions. In our case, surgery will be the next "human means" in trying to have children.