Friday, June 25, 2021

On Vacation ...

We're just taking a short trip for a belated anniversary celebration. It is our first trip since Mom came to live with us and the COVID pandemic. Needless to say, I've been looking forward to this a lot!

We're going to Fredricksburg in the Texas hill country. It's a flourishing tourist town with that German flourish you find in so many hill country towns. There are two things we know we'll visit. First, St. Mary's (a painted church of Texas). Click through to get an idea of how wonderful these churches can be. We stopped in once when we were driving through on the way to San Antonio. I'm looking forward to a chance to worship there as well as look around more. Second is the Admiral Nimitz museum (he grew up in Fredricksburg) or as it is properly titled The National Museum of the Pacific War. However, part of the fun of visiting somewhere is seeing what you come across unexpectedly.

As always, I'm really looking forward to the long car trip with Tom. We listen to music, sample audiobooks, I knit, and we talk. The sort of talking you do over several hours (or days) has such a different quality than normal conversations during everyday life. The changing landscape, the music and stories, and even roadside experiences all weave in together to bring out subjects you wouldn't think of otherwise.

It can be a golden time. At least it is for us.


  1. Julie, I used to love road trips with my son just for the conversation. Once he was a teenager, his willingness to converse with me was minimal but a long car trip broke down his resistance. The trip between NY and NC is a loooong day in the car but those hours were made better by the things I learned about my son. Have a safe trip!