Monday, December 16, 2013

Following the Cowboys

I like what Stephen Tobolowsky tweeted after the Cowboys' game.
Following the Cowboys is like dating an alcoholic.
Precisely. I had the same lack of expectations, the raised hopes that things would be better, the disbelief at the disintegration which was so familiar to watch, the anger at letting myself get sucked in.

So why do I keep dating them? Aaargh!

I had lunch today with a longtime Cowboys fan who pointed out that if Jerry Jones had a General Manager who hadn't turned up with a playoff team in 17 years ... he'd have fired them long ago.

When I think of the string of coaches who have come and gone in that time, I think of the Cowboys' General Manager and wish someone would fire him for the team's good. Are your ears burning ... again ... Jerry?


  1. If you remember, I'm a Cowboys fan too. I wasn't so kind after that game. I let out a string of curses that would make a sailor blush. I was so furious. It's time to fire the entire caoching staff. This is at least the third game they've blown this year. Certainly they could use some better defensive players, but the caoching is responsible for the dreadful fourth quarter collapses. And yes, I wish they could fire Jerry Jones, but unfortunately you can't fire the owner. But I agree. He needs to turn the team over to a good General Manager. Oh, I'm still so mad.

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    2. I had a typo above and deleted it. What I meant to add was that yesterday's disaster was on my birthday no less. :(