Thursday, April 11, 2013

Well Said: True Interpreters of Scripture

From my quote journal.
The saints are the true interpreters of Holy Scripture. The meanings of a given passage of the Bible becomes most intelligible in those human beings who have been totally transfixed by it and have lived it out. Interpretation of Scripture can never be a purely academic affair, and it cannot be relegated to the purely historical. Scripture is full of potential for the future, a potential that can be opened up when someone "lives through" and "suffers through" the sacred text.
Joseph Ratzinger, Jesus of Nazareth: 
From the Baptism in the Jordan
to the Transfiguration


  1. Wow. You're still going strong, Julie. God bless you! I see Penni is divorced - and left the blog world from what I can see. How you doing? It's been awhile. I'm living in UTAH U.S.A. among the Mormon population. Don't think I'll be staying here - but that's life. God bless. (yeah, I've had a few glasses of wine...)

    1. Indeed I am, Alexa! I now have a book podcast and also a Catholic books/movies podcast with a friends. And am now taking my movies/books discussions into a local nursing home ... so I just keep rolling ...

      Funny thing, I thought of you just the other day. It's been a long time. :-)

      I think that Penni also left the Church, but am not positive about that.

      My sister lived in Utah for many a year. She loved it in many ways, but the Mormons were in many ways quite a trial to her. Good luck with that! :-)