Monday, April 22, 2013

Notes on Mark: Unbelief and Power

MARK Chapter 6
In the last chapter, Jesus has been changing people's lives and hearts as he healed, exorcised, and did other miracles. This chapter, Mary Healy tells us, sees that come to a grinding halt. 
The mighty works that hostile opponents, demons, diseases, and even death could not stop, are blocked--temporarily--by a greater obstacle: unbelief. It is not that Jesus' power is limited, but people are hindered from experiencing his power by their refusal to believe in him.
Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture: The Gospel of Mark by Mary Healy
This, for me, is huge. All the power in the universe can be unleashed on these peoples' behalf and they refuse to let themselves experience it because they will not believe. Is this the reason that we don't see more miracles in our own age?

What about my life? Am I willing to believe, to stay open, to eagerly anticipate and ask for God's power on my behalf?

Sobering questions as chapter 6 looms ahead.

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