Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dear Tom

This doodle looks like it would be the scene for a wonderfully romantic birthday evening, doesn't it?

Perfect for Tom (and me) then!

Tom has chosen Strawberry Shortcake. Ok. To be honest, I suggested it (knowing his tastes) and he liked the idea so much that he never bothered trying to think of anything else.

I made an actual, honest-to-goodness sponge cake (leavened only with egg whites) and will be seeing how Nigel Slater's tip works about a touch of raspberry heightening strawberries' flavor. With freshly whipped cream, of course!

Perhaps I should say the above Google looks perfect for a celebratory evening since we will not be alone.

Hannah will be joining us before that for dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant and then for the ... presents! Rose will be chiming in from the West Coast also ...

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