Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We Have a Pope: POPE FRANCIS

The moment of silent prayer that the new Pope asked for before he blessed us all ... speaks volumes. It brought me to tears.

After his blessing was given and the people broke into cheers, he had such a humble but kind look on his face as he surveyed the crowd.

I think of what St. Francis of Assisi did for the Church. He had a deep love of Christ, a love for the poor, a self sacrificial nature ... and he was tasked by God with building His Church.

That is what we need in any age.

It certainly is what we need in our age.

I do not know anything about Cardinal Bergoglio aside from the fact that he's the first Jesuit and the first South American elected pope. Those are facts.

But we are beginning to know Pope Francis. We saw a touch of his heart today.

It's a good beginning.


  1. Yes, it is a very good beginning, the Holy Spirit and the cardinals have given us a great blessing.

  2. I was waiting in the car for my daughter to come out of school, glued to the radio to hear the identity of the new pope, and who do they introduce as a guest but you! That was cool!

    1. I can't deny it was a neat moment to be on the air, but on the other hand I don't remember much of what I said. I am pretty sure I sounded like a complete idiot!

      Oh well, God keeps us humble in hilarious ways somehow!

    2. Didn't mean to comment anonymously -- I blame my phone! You sounded enthusiastic and excited, just like a...Happy Catholic!

    3. Thank goodness. It's what I was! :-)

  3. He seems like an inspired pick. The I read about him the more I like. May God bless our Holy Father.

  4. Oops, typo there. "The more I read about him..." Sorry.