Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Optimism Defined: Taking "Carry-On" Baggage into the Conclave

I hope the conclave will not go on too long. All I know is that I’m just taking in a small “carry-on” piece of baggage. If we’re in there too long, and if they show photographs of St. Martha’s from outside Vatican City, my room will be the one with the laundry hanging in the window to dry!
That's Cardinal Dolan for you. Practical, humorous, and optimistic!

I've been enjoying reading his occasional blog posts from the pre-conclave gathering. This last post before heading off was a bit like a peek inside.
The veteran cardinals tell me that the conclave is almost like a retreat. We of course concelebrate Mass every morning to begin the day, and pray the liturgy of the hours together. Obviously, we can visit and talk with each other at St. Martha’s House during our meals and brief time off between the actual voting, but, I’m told the actual hours in the Sistine Chapel, carried out scrupulously according to the traditional protocol, are done in an atmosphere of silence and prayer; it’s almost, the old-timers tell me, like a liturgy.
Go read it all.

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