Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keep Your Fork ...

Lynne is reading over Happy Catholic posts starting from the very beginning. I am in awe. Certainly I've never done that! It's interesting to hear her observations so far.

One thing that's not really representative of the blog from the beginning is that I usually go back and remove the old art and quotes that are over a year old. This is because Blogger only lets me access 5,000 posts (only! ha!) so if I need to update or access an old post, such as a Bible study or novena for example, then I can't get to it.

Unfortunately, this means that not only does Lynn not get to see all the old quotes and art, but sometimes I still can't access old stuff.

So I may be replacing things now as she lets me know about outdated links that led to things we all liked around here.

Here's the first, a charming story about a lady who wants to be buried with a fork. Go read it because it is still just as good as way back in 2004 when I first posted about it.

Thanks Lynne!


  1. Before I converted, I was a member of the Disciples of Christ. We had monthly "dinner on the grounds" with our church family. And it was true that everyone always said, "Save your fork!" before dessert came out. This story resonated with the church so much that they had bumper stickers made that said "Save your fork"--much to the head-scratching of everyone who read them!

  2. I didn't know Blogger only allows 5000 posts. I've just started mine, so I've got years to go. But what does one do when one reaches their limited? Start a new blog?

  3. I love this story! (and I'm into 2005 already!)

  4. Hi Manny ... it is not that Blogger only allows you 5,000 posts. It is that it only allows you ACCESS to the 5,000. So if you've got 5,500, you can't edit the earliest 500 posts. If that makes sense.