Thursday, January 17, 2013

Forming Intentional Disciples

It’s easy to shrug off the call for evangelization and discipleship by saying, “Oh, we already do that.” We have a men’s club. We have religious ed. Everybody’s happy, all are welcome, Jesus shows up for every Mass – but sure, I’ve heard other parishes are in trouble. Mine’s fine.

Maybe so. But Weddell opens the book with extensive and detailed evidence that no, things are not fine. She defines the scope of the problem both statistically – how many Catholics in the pews don’t even believe in a personal God? – and qualitatively.

I've seen this book mentioned in a lot of places ... and although my "to read" stack is alarmingly high, I'm beginning to believe this is required reading. Jen Fitz's review at confirms that.

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  1. It is required reading. This is a very important book.