Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No one wants their first words of the day to be, "Damn it" ...

... when they hear the election results on the clock radio. (Yes, we still have one of those.)

But there were the results and there I was.

It took a while to regain perspective and recall that I am, in fact, a monarchist. As one of that family, my duty is to convey His Majesty's wishes as best I can in this minor principality to which I have been assigned.

I do my best. And sometimes it can get me down. But I answer to a higher power, a monarch who has all our best interests deep in his sacred heart.

For now, that is enough.

And I curse no more.

If you don't click through on the "monarchist" link this post might not make sense. I count on HC readers to be thorough! :-)


  1. trust me, it is relevant. Written by my friend Russ and posted even before the results of your election were in.

    1. Owen, that is a given. :-)

      But, I am talking about my feelings at four more years of what I can only say I feel I have "endured" already. That is my point.

      Because it's always all about me. :-D

  2. I know just how you feel! My response to God this morning was, "I thought you were going to change hearts! You are asking me to, what? Count on you alone and change the culture! More fasting and praying, but I was fasting and praying... Oh, but I was also hoping on a Republican Administration to help wasn't I... But it wouldn't have, would it, because those who need conversion would not be receptive, even if government paid abortion on demand was stopped. I have to pray to you to convert hearts and count on you only..."

    Iris Celeste

  3. Thanks Julie, as always you say it gently, succinctly and graciously.

  4. I got the final results before I went to bed last night; not a good way to go to sleep. But as you say, we are to be citizens of the City of God first.

  5. I know, life and our faith goes on. But what will become of our country that I love? I'm gloomy because the the country I love will be altered for the worse for the future generation, and more specifically for my son. The forces of secularization have risen to ascendency and I don't think we can ever alter that. If I had been an adult when Roe v wade was passed, I may not have forseen the 55 million abortions from then to now but I would have felt we had passed a point of degeneration. I certainly would have been gloomy. That's how I feel today.

  6. My husband had been praying that 'Gods will be done' for the election. We felt it was all summed up though in the homily the next morning... That rather than being lulled with a false sense of security and progress we are armed, and ready for battle. We are ready to fight and recognize the need to stand for truth. No progress or true change would have taken place, however we may have let our guard down none-the-less. So yes... Gods will be done.

  7. Thanks for your post and your perspective. I'm sure in the weeks and months leading up to the election I lost proper perspective on the relative importance of the election. The election was about matters of the temporal world and not the eternal one, other than how we all must account for our actions, including in those the polling booth, on the last day. Like all Catholics I'm disappointed with the election results and worry about what this means for my children and our country in the years to come. However, I must guard against letting my disappointment grow into anger. Constant anger leads to hatred and hatred leads us away from His kingdom. As the previous commenter said "God's will be done."