Thursday, October 11, 2012

Year of Faith: Professing the Creed

In his Apostolic Letter announcing the Year of Faith, Pope Benedict exhorts us to find a way to publicly profess the creed: “Religious communities as well as parish communities, and all ecclesial bodies old and new, are to find a way, during this Year, to make a public profession of the Credo.”
Melanie Bettanelli has begun a series meditating upon the creed. She's divided it into 47 pieces and invited a flock of bloggers to help. I myself will be chiming in very soon. Just click the pieces of the creed at The Wine Dark Sea to go to each post through the year.


  1. I'm not chiming in until next summer so it will be interesting as it gets late in the game who is still in a faith froth. I chose a phrase very dear to my convert-clergy heart. Nope, not saying which. Look forward to reading your chime and all those of all the participants.

  2. Ooh, I just chimed in before I stopped here. I'm looking forward to your thoughts as well.