Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Joke: Mrs. Jesus

Someone asked me last week what I thought of the news reports that "Jesus was married." My first reaction, like The Curt Jester's it turns out, was surprise that the story wasn't saved to report near Christmas or Easter which seems to be when most of the ridiculous stories about Christ are reported as "news."

Honestly, a scrap of papyrus from the 4th century refers to this and it is treated as "news?" Meanwhile, people feel free to pull apart the Gospels which were written during the lifetime of those who followed Christ.

The best part was the jokes, some of which the Wall Street Journal printed this morning.
What would Jesus do? Whatever Mrs. Jesus told him to!
Didn't the man suffer enough as it was?
And The Curt Jester is not to be outdone. Here is my favorite of the quips he made.
If Jesus had a wife she would never have allowed him to go out all night with the boys at the Garden of Gethsemane.
Go read the others and have a good laugh because that's all that so-called "news" is worth.


  1. The "news" inspires in me wonder that anything so ancient may be found and, to some degree, interpreted. And maybe it prompts people who don't normally think about Jesus to think of him.

  2. It is twice as long from the time of Jesus to this 4th century papyrus than from the American Civil War to the book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer.