Monday, September 27, 2010

Quick Updates

Not Always Happy ... Again: well, this is going to have to be chalked up in the "lose one" column. Durn it. In a kind of funny way, that is possibly how those I have been dealing with may halfway view it also. Although I understand that in this issue I am under their authority (like St. Francis or St. Teresa with the Church ... now if I only had their saintly qualities also) and so must obey, I also am powered by the force of my convictions (yes, stubborn like them too) and undoubtedly am causing cringing every time my email is popping into various inboxes. I'm not wanting to be a pest. I just believe that everyone doesn't really understand all sides of this issue. Ahem... So moving on ...

In Non-Kindle Related News: about Zapp, Hannah's foundling mostly German Shepherd puppy who was so hostile to other dogs. In an astounding display of adaptability and exhibition that pack behavior is, indeed, the norm, this little guy is now out from behind the dog gate and happily mingling with everyone. He and Zoe especially delight in each other's company and run and play with abandon. All three of us marvel that just three weeks ago, he wouldn't look at a human being and tried to tear the face off of any dog nearby. Seriously. Just three weeks ago.


  1. Dogs are the only critters that truly love humans. And childhood without a dog is unthinkable. We should all be more like dogs -- FAITHFUL.

  2. I have no idea what's going on and don't want to know but wanted you to know that. P.S. My dogs love me - I gave them rawhide chews - you might try that with whatever's going on.

  3. That's why I linked each update to the original story. :-)

    My dogs all have rawhide chews, whether they are rescued, semi-feral orphans or puppies raised "from scratch." They're great!

  4. Sorry, I didn't convey that as well as I wanted even though I was intentionally being silly. A more complete comment of mine would have been:

    I have no idea what's going on and don't want to know *which is why I haven't read the linked post" but wanted you to know that *because while I just can't handle someone else's trials today I still keep you [and other bloggity folks] in my thoughts. Das'all

  5. AHHHHHH ... perhaps I was not reading it with my head cocked to the "levity" setting! :-D