Friday, April 3, 2009

A Couple of Quick Takes ...

House - watched this week's house (I think it was this week's ...) about the paralyzed patient. Really interesting for several reasons, both from the "interior dialogue" angle and from the fact that this was yet another one where the focus was on whether or not to believe in God. Also, I liked the reason House wouldn't tell anyone that he was far away from home when he had his motorcycle accident. (Trying not to put spoilers here.) Unfortunately, our recording shut off just when Wilson was analyzing why House was where he was and we knew what he'd been doing, House had just gotten into the elevator ... anything big revealed in the last line or two of dialogue? UPDATE: Based on what Christine says in the comments box, this makes me think of my father ... someone who is very unhappy, albeit in a different way than House although he does keep pushing people away, and denies it although everyone else can see it. So sad. Christine also has a spoiler-filled, very good analysis that points out something I forgot to mention, which is that this is a hugely pro-life episode. Again, the writers, whether for the sake of an interesting angle or whatever reason, go against the popular, secular attitudes to explore the alternative. Christine also points out some other good points, though I, myself, tend to think those were coincidences ... but we all know God works through those quite nicely, right?

To Whom Shall We Go? Lessons from the Apostle Peter by Archbishop Timothy Dolan: I'm really liking The Rite (about exorcism) and have been especially interested in the part about Satan that I just finished. However, in trying to tidy the enormous stacks of books in the guest bedroom last night I ran into that perennial problem. I kept finding books I wanted to reread or dipping into books in the "to read" stack. Something grabbed me about To Whom Shall We Go, which is about examining our lives in Christ by using St. Peter as our guide. I kept dipping in different places and being riveted. So The Rite is going on the back burner. To Whom is a short book and an easy read ... but I couldn't put it down last night. I love the reminders that focus us on St. Peter's strengths and weaknesses and showing the many ancient and current examples that reflect our own tendencies (or shall I just come clean and say MY own tendencies). Like any extrovert (when did that happen?) there is a lot to see in the brash, quick speaking St. Peter. So I am happy to see the other points there as well.

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